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Are you:
– Looking for some spiritual guidance?
– Feeling anxious and stressed?
– Wanting to strengthen your mental acuity?
– Letting your emotions get the best of you?
– Desiring to move forward in areas where you’ve been holding yourself back?
– Wishing to find, and improve upon, what has been missing in certain areas of your life?
– Seeking a new, more enlightened path to discovering and achieving your dreams?
– Eager to fulfill the calling of your Heart and your Soul?

Whether you are looking to hone your life purpose, or simply need some coaching to help you with your spiritual growth, Les Jensen can help. Les brings over a quarter of century of experience in the areas of personal spiritual awakening, understanding the nature of human consciousness, and experiencing a state of purity, potential, and personal power.

You will be asked a few questions during the scheduling process. To help facilitate a productive session.

$333 – 60 minute session (audio only)

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“I met Les Jensen while I was struggling with a personal issue that had reoccurred for as long as I could remember. Maybe he had seen my problem before or maybe it’s just a common problem, but somehow, Les “read me like a book” and described precisely the self-sabotaging behaviors that had affected me my entire life. We discussed how I contributed to this issue and then Les described some exercises that would help me change my behavioral pattern. I have been following Les’ advice, and as a result, I am much stronger and feel that I am on a much more positive path. I would recommend his services to anyone interested in making positive changes in their life.”


“ My experience with Les is nearly beyond my capability to describe. The personal transformation that has resulted from what can only be described as life transforming. He has completely changed how I handle my thoughts and emotions. I am now in control of exactly how I feel. When Les explained his concept and how it applied to me I was skeptical as to how much it could really help me. I didn’t fully understand how it would work but I was intrigued enough and I trusted him enough to try what he said. What amazed me the most was how quickly BIG changes started to happen. It was immediate and permanent! I have a control over my life that I never had before and it’s continuing to improve. If there is a single person who has had an immediate and powerful life changing impact on me, it’s you my friend. You changed my life! “


” I really appreciated the quiet clarity with which Les speaks and the simple brilliance of his processes to help others discover and manage their ability to create what they want. His system has been very helpful to me; his understanding of how to work with one’s energy patterns and deepest subconscious thoughts and emotions is just wonderful! Get his CDs, hear him speak in person, and engage him as a Personal Transformation Coach, you will be glad you did! “

Paul Hoyt

“All I can say is that when you speak with Les he gives off an aura of comfort and positive energy. After our conversation a new perspective became clear in my mind and I began implementing his advice and began to notice a huge difference in my thoughts and a greater awareness in how my body feels. Les has truly assisted in the release of negative energy, thoughts, and beliefs that were inhibiting me from moving forward in my life. Les, I truly do appreciate you and your services. Keep up the power of your work! “

Demetrios Tzortzis

“Les Jensen offers a new, different, powerful view and understanding of how we interact with our world. He has refined the old-fashioned views of old ideas. For example, in Les’ view, “Karma” is not something you are stuck with and cannot change, but rather, it is something you can completely control, and by doing so you can greatly improve your life. Your karma is effected by your own life experiences! “

Eliot Case

Remote Consciousness TuneUP client review

I had a shamanic drumming healing session done with Les and he provided the most fun I have had in ages. It was Les’s first remote session performed and nothing was lost in translation. His purity of heart echos through every strum, and he left me in a state of such joy and bliss that I had tears streaming down my face. In under half an hour. I highly recommend Les and his amazing gift. I am blessed.


In person Consciousness TuneUP client review

“I originally met Les about a year ago at a spiritual group that we go to once a month. I’ve always thought the world of Les and feel that he’s very intelligent with amazing communication skills. It wasn’t until we exchanged spiritual gifts that I really got to know him on a heart and soul level. I feel that he’s got a heart of gold and is very connected to Source, truly living his life with purpose. Les was guided to offer me a session which was the greatest spiritual gift that I could’ve received. He directed me to move through a profound awakening process of going straight up into light where I connected with my authentic self, Christ consciousness. I was traveling higher and higher while shedding off all these layers of thoughts, emotions, and ego while becoming lighter and lighter. With every drum beat I felt like there was an earthquake going on inside of me. I was shaking and trying to be mindful of my breathing so that I don’t hyperventilate because it was so intense as tears were rolling down my cheeks. I finally reached a level of nothingness, no thoughts, no emotions nor any images. It was a feeling of being light, connected with my pure self. I feel like this 15 minute experience has changed my life. Because Les has been there himself and is such an amazing light worker that he was able to take me there. I’m eternally grateful for receiving this gift that I’m continuing to benefit from. Thank you Les from the bottom of my heart for the difference that you’ve made in my life and for sharing your light”