My life purpose is to share what I have learned about our human karma, power and energy so that those who are ready can cleanse their own personal energy persona and return to the truth of who they are. ~ Les Jensen

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We are all here on the journey of our soul. A story told throughout the ages, really. When we were born we didn’t have an ego. In our soul’s beginning our soul had not yet accumulated any karma. We were young souls without much human experience. But as we ventured into the human experience, we started loading ourselves up with our own personal karma.

The Nature of Enlightenment

 The New Human Living platform, founded by Les, approaches the path to enlightenment from an energetic approach. Affording excellent results. To embody that becomes the journey itself.

 A recent client shares her experience of understanding Les’s material. This is an excerpt from a recent New Human Living podcast, where our guest shares the profound and life-altering
experience she had during a recent healing session with Les Jensen. 

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I didn’t see this as my life purpose for many years. It was an unexpected encounter with emotions that cracked me open. I had never been taught about how to manage my emotions in a healthy way. I summarize common misconceptions of how to deal with emotions here.

Before I ever got cracked open, my Soul prepared me to take on this work, by exposing me to the nature of Personal Power. I worked, firsthand, on very high-power energy for decades … as I describe in this video Personal Power Video

That gave me a vocabulary to use, to describe the power of Consciousness. The basis of all of my teachings.

Every one of us has our own unique karma … a collage of unresolved consciousness that we have pushed into our subconscious. Each one of us has our own unique story, each with our own unique karmic imprinting.

A scale of human consciousness

This scale can make more sense if you consider how you see humanity. As you go about your day, there are all types of people playing out their own karmic disposition or condition. There is the homeless man panhandling on the corner. He might be loaded up with karma, and have very little personal power available to him. Then you might turn on the news and some entrepreneur is starting up another global business, and this person has an immense sense of personal power.

I know this isn’t a very common perspective, but bear with me, because I was born to understand karma, power and energy and how they relate to our human experience. In basic terms, human consciousness IS energy.  By taking such a simple perspective with it allows us to deal with it in an uncommon fashion.

Going back to our thoughts about karma, when a soul is young, there is no karmic imprinting. And neither is there much human experience. But as that soul moves through the world living its lifetimes as a human being, it gains karmic imprinting. Those moments when karma is added. Moments when aspects of what is happening cannot be accepted fully in the moment. By the principles of karma, all aspects of those moments that are not experienced are shifted into our own subconscious as energy. That energy is our own consciousness. A very blunt example of this is the warrior archetype. PTSD is a classic example of a traumatic experience loading up the subconscious with thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The warrior, before and after war, represents two completely different karmic signatures. Completely different levels of karmic imprinting.

That example may be extreme, but it demonstrates the principle well. There are actually many different ways we can load up our subconscious with karma … moving the needle further away from power, and increasing the level of karma. What is karma?

Every single person on the planet has their own level of karmic imprinting. Where would your needle be pointing? How did the needle get there? What makes the needle move up or down? These are basic questions about how karma influences us as human beings.`

Les Jensen created the New Human Living platform to help people discover the truth of their own karma, power and energy. You can learn more at NewHumanLiving.com.


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