The scale of Human ConsciousnessWhat is karma?

In its simplest form, karma is denser energy stored within our own personal energy persona (typically referred to as your subconscious). The three basic elements of our personal karma are mental, emotional and spiritual imprinting. There is a physical layer (our body) to karma, but it stems from the three basic elements.

The vast majority of karma that affords the most effect is mental and emotional karmic imprinting. Those two are by far the most impacted aspects of our human nature.


A common display of this stored energy showing up as karma is the notion of road rage. Where there is a lot of energy that flares up in the moment. A sense of emotional upheaval. And there is mental karma as well. Belief systems that were based on problems of the past that no longer apply to living. Both mental and emotional karma have an energetic component to them. Karma is energy. It is the energy of our own consciousness that we have shifted into our own subconscious due to overwhelming conditions of the moment.

We created our karma. And we can cleanse our karma. The amount of karma we have directly influences our own sense of personal power. To learn about products to help you clean your own personal energy, visit Les Jensen’s web platform for personal development. NewHumanLiving.com