Personal Power Fundamentals

Personal Power Fundamentals

Each of us has our own unique karmic experience. For those of us who understand the principles of how we take on karma and its effects, we can actually change these experiences and how they play out. And we can learn how to remove our karma.

picture of the front cover of the book Personal Power Fundamentals
Personal Power Fundamentals

Personal Power Fundamentals teaches you the fundamentals of how to reach the authentic core of who you really are. This course takes a simple approach to karma and how you can master it in your own life. As you learn to cleanse your karma from your past, you tend to rebound quicker. You tend to tune in to a higher wisdom within you. And your body tends to have a much more healthy disposition.


“This book gave me a step by step method by which to gain personal power. It is the first book of this type that got out of the etherical realm and gave nuts and bolts. I would recommend this book to everyone, but especially anyone who is stuck and needs to find a path forward. I never even knew that personal power was something I needed. Turns out, it can dramatically change every aspect of your life.”

John H.

“In his book, Personal Power Fundamentals, Les Jensen offers a new, different, powerful view and understanding of how we interact with our world. He has refined the old-fashioned views of old ideas. For example, in Les’ view, “Karma” is not something you are stuck with and cannot change, but rather, it is something you can completely control, and by doing so you can greatly improve your life. Your karma is effected by your own life experiences!

Les shares a new concept of “Personal Energy” which I feel is much more straightforward and usable in daily life than deciphering stacks of psychology books. In fact, I feel that some of the examples in Personal Power Fundamentals are more relatable and understandable for the average person than many technical psychology or self-help books.

The underpinnings of your subconscious thoughts and how your subconscious “Energy” affects your daily life, as explained by Les, are life-changing. It is one thing to understand the effects of subconscious energy, but it is another thing to do something about it! Les supplies the tools and insights to help you understand yourself, and to change your personal energy, so that you can be in control of your own life and better enjoy the life that you are living. This also improves others’ lives as well.

Les has diligently worked to define and explain “Personal Power” and “Energy” in ways that clearly coexist with any religions that I know of, as well as current views of psychology, in my humble opinion.

Les questions and redefines the current use of many words in the English lexicon, with new and more meaningful perspectives. I enjoyed many of the real-life analogies that bring these points home. I highly recommend that you check out Personal Power Fundamentals and Les Jensen’s new view of the world in which we live.”

Eliot Case, CEO Panamax35