My life purpose is to share what I have learned about our human karma, power and energy so that those who are ready can cleanse their own personal energy persona and return to the truth of who they are. ~ Les Jensen
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We are all here on the journey of our soul. A story told throughout the ages really. When we were born we didn’t have an ego. In our soul’s beginning our soul had not yet accumulated any karma. We were young souls without much human experience. But as we ventured into the human experience, we started loading up with our own personal karma.

Every one of us has our own unique karma. A collage of unresolved consciousness we have pushed into our subconsciousness. Each one of us with our own unique story. With our own unique karmic imprinting.

The scale of Human Consciousness

This scale can make more sense if you consider how you see humanity. As you go about your day, there are all types of people playing out their own karmic disposition or condition. There is the homeless man panhandling on the corner. He might be loaded up with karma, and have very little personal power available to him. Then you might turn on the news and some entrepreneur is starting up another global business, and this person has an immense sense of personal power.

I know this isn’t a very common perspective, but bear with me, because I was born to understand karma, power and energy and how they relate to our human experience. In basic terms, human consciousness IS energy.  By taking such a simple perspective with it allows us to deal with it in an uncommon fashion.

Going back to our thoughts about karma, when a soul is young, there is no karmic imprinting. But there is little human experience either. But as that soul moves through the world living its lifetimes as a human being, it has karmic imprinting. Those moments when karma is added. Moments when aspects of what is happening cannot be accepted fully in the moment. By the principles of karma, all aspects of those moments that are not experienced, are shifted into our own subconscious as energy. That energy is our own consciousness. A very blunt example of this is the warrior archetype. PTSD is a classic example of a traumatic experience loading up the subconscious with thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The warrior before and after war represents two completely different karmic signatures. Completely different levels of karmic imprinting.

That example may be extreme, but it shows the principle well. There are actually many different ways we can load up our subconscious with karma … moving the needle farther away from power and increasing the level of karma. What is karma?

Every single person on the planet has their own level of karmic imprinting. Where would your needle be pointing? How did the needle get there? What makes the needle move up or down? These are basic questions about how karma influences us as human beings.`

Personal Power Fundamentals

Les created the New Human Living platform to help people discover the truth of their own karma, power and energy. You can learn more at NewHumanLiving.com.

Les has published his latest book, Citizen King: The New Age of Power. The book talks about how we can show up in an authentic and powerful way, fulfilling the vision of our heart and soul. Empower yourself and your role here on Earth. Take the vision of your heart and fulfill it like a King. This book is about honoring your own authentic power and your purpose. It provides an in-depth look at what it would feel like to trust in your role and fulfill your soul’s vision from the passion of your own heart.

Citizen King: The New Age of Power

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Review of Citizen King…

“In a recent blog I posted on my website I confessed to having been a serious co-dependent. Much to, I’m sure my husband’s dismay! But We live in a society that perpetuates this quality and so I know I am not alone in this experience. But what does co-dependency look like? How does it play itself out in our lives? For me it was like a vortex that drew the life force right out of me. Thankfully through the reflective mindful awareness training, over time I began to let go of this dysfunctional pattern, I recognized that co-dependency kept me small, disempowered and oppressed, and it drained an incredible amount of energy that I could have been putting towards my own growth, health, freedom, and personal power. In essence it kept me from becoming who I was meant to become and it kept me from expressing my own unique gifts with the world.
Personal sovereignty, agency, and personal power are qualities that so many millions of us have lost over the course of our lives but because every single one of us was born with these qualities, we have access to them at any time. It is only that we need to unlearn certain things that are perpetuated in our society and we need to learn other things that can help us amplify our own unique geniuses because every single one of us has within us a wellspring of power and when more and more of us move into an expression of our lives that is authentically us, we will begin to co-create the more beautiful world we all know in our heart’s is possible. Thankfully, Les Jensen’s book Citizen King came into my life at just the right moment and was a key component in my decision to create Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio. There is such a profound clarity to his message and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in accessing and expressing his or her own personal power and healing dysfunctional egoic tendencies.” This review is from: Citizen King: The New Age of Power (Paperback)

“5.0 out of 5 stars This is a Must Read for Anyone interested in Stepping into their Authentic Self and Fulfilling a Meaningful Life of Purpose, December 14, 2016”

Rochelle Mclaughlin

Les Jensen is the founder of New Human Living, LLC, a company dedicated to helping others discover more of their personal power. Les recently published his latest book, Citizen King: The New Age of Power, to help others do just that!

Rochelle McLaughlin interviews Les Jensen

Our culture unfortunately perpetuates co-dependency, conformity, and disempowerment and these qualities will not be the ones that will lead us toward a future of the more beautiful world we know in our hearts is possible. In this episode, Rochelle and Les Jensen, the founder of New Human Living, will explore how you can cultivate personal sovereignty, agency, and authentic personal power by fulfilling the vision of your heart and soul. Learn to amplify yourself and express your unique role here on Earth. Take the vision of your heart and fulfill it like a King. Les Jensen’s book, Citizen King provides an in-depth look at what it would feel like to let go of that which you don’t have control of, to trust in your unique role, and fulfill your soul’s vision from the passion of your own heart. Listen to the episode here.

As the host of New Human Living Radio, Les brings powerful guests on the show each week to share their techniques to discovering the inherent power within each one of us. This brings lasting fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness into our everyday lives.

We are living in some of the most exciting times. The human condition is seeking answers to the big questions. And we are, on a personal level, wondering where we fit into the answers. You are here on this earth at this time to make a difference within yourself, as well as collectively. We are all hardwired for the perfect life, a life that is exciting, fun, and that grows us. Your heart and soul have big ideas for you. These times are calling us to claim our own authentic power. To show up for ourselves and others. To take hold of our potential and shift the direction of humanity. There will be no end-game. For this is just the beginning of the most incredible times on Earth. You are here to shine, to exceed your wildest ideas of what you thought you were capable of being. You can do it. You WILL do it! For yourself. Live your most authentic life. And hold on, because the fun is just beginning.

A big missing piece here is living life to the fullest power of human potential. Just like your power. We have seen bold moves made by bold people in the news media lately. Our heart and soul have bold ideas for us too. When we address those, the outcomes will be different. Better. Sooner. Sweeter.

What ideas have been rattling around in your head? Your personal power will directly affect how you accomplish these big ideas. Your ideas. Get your power on and engage the process. You will feel so fulfilled by the end of the day. Walking in step with your heart and soul gives you such personal freedom too. Total freedom is not a common trait of late. So engage it today. Sign up for our newsletter and events. You’ll look great in a genuine smile. New Human Living is just about that. Pure Authentic YouTM.